Friendships, Trust and loyalty

Just A Small Town Girl
5 min readMay 23, 2017


Hello, good evening/morning or even afternoon to some of you, something recently has shown me who I can trust and who isn’t a friend.

Lets start of with the fact this “friend” I have known over 8 years in total, however in those eight years we have been on and off, I should have realised back then that I was much better of without her, it’s her way or no way, it’s her happiness and no one else’s, she kinda just hopes from liking you to not remembering who you even are, she’s also 100% psycho, like not at all in a good way either, she’s only nice to you if she’s lonely or has no one close, or even when she’s bored, or wants something. Last year sorter around June/Julyish time she downloaded this app called Live.Me, and she recommended it to me, which I thought eh no harm in giving it a go, she wears almost next to nothing and pretty much gets upset or angry when she has men ogling at her, and saying inappropriate things, we both made this guy a friend, well in my case an acquaintance, he was no friend of mine. Because I could see right through him just like everyone else, but the only one who couldn’t and clearly still can’t see right through the creep is my “friend”

For a few months I’d fallen out with this guy, mainly when he was intoxicated on alcohol (Which was pretty much all the time), so I decided to just keep my distance, my “friend” however could get away with murder with him, many times she’d bitten his head off for him to just be more smitten. He’d even said that one of her selfies looked like she had the face of someone saying “hey big boy” and she lost it at him, but that also didn’t stop him from ranting about her to me, I suppose that’s all I was in need of, then this “guy” (I say “guy” because not sure if this account was fake or not) became friends on facebook with my “friend” and she lost all interest in the other guy, because this “guy” was showing off all his art work of naked women that he’s painted, he also made her feel so good about herself that he managed to make her agree into sending him a naked photograph of herself to him via messenger, and now this creep has naked photos of her forever and she hadn’t cared, like I wasn’t judging him but I did tell her that how do we not know that he puts up the pictures in his bathroom having a good old tug, and again she went batshit crazy on me just for being a concerned friend.

After awhile, she met up with the first original guy I was talking about, because he wanted to make a point that leaving her personal information public online is unsafe, so he said, however I think its more the fact he hasn’t had sex in a long while or not at all in fact so he thinks treating her and making her feel good about herself is going to work, she’s a narcissist she knows what she is doing, she’s twenty-one going on twenty-two and you’re in your 40’s you’re clearly old enough to be her dad or uncle, she even said to me on the first time meeting him that she hoped he only came down to meet up as friends, and not wanting anything else, she didn’t need to worry due to being in a public place.

Was when it all kicked off for one small joke, he put up a status on facebook mentioning the state of a men’s toilet in a very old pub based in my home town Swindon, yeah it’s a pretty much of a dump in Swindon, but for someone who’s coming into Swindon has no right to really slag it down, so I said basically not to insult my home town please, and said “plus it’s better than the trains toilet” left it like that for a couple of hours due to it being mine and my boyfriends 3rd year anniversary, she the “friend” was talking down to me, telling me off basically and bringing in the fact that I don’t go out enough to go to a pub cause I don’t leave the house, I found this pretty funny, considering my anxiety is getting less and less, and I have been going out a lot lately, see how much she took notice into what I do in my life, anyway I was trying to tell her that it was a simple joke, apparently I was being defensive for no reason, like hark who’s talking she got defensive about pretty much anything she disagreed on, it’s like I wasn’t allowed to have my opinion because it didn’t match hers, she stuck up for a guy she’s known nearly a year and only met 3 times in the year of knowing him over her only real friend for 8 years.

I guess it just goes to show how much of a little thought you are to some people, I had my say I said my opinion and then I blocked her, because for someone to call me there wife or all that shit, and then attack me for something so itsy-bitsy is pathetic I realised then that all these years I am now strong without her in my life, I am in fact a lot happier, I even sent the guy a message and then blocked him from replying to the message, he then conceded to throw his itsy-bitsy tantrum by bringing my boyfriend into it, saying things that aren’t at all true, I guess he didn’t expect not only my mother and my other half to say something but my other halves mother did too, to make assumptions about my other half (whom he’s never even spoken to) is really really immature, he called my boyfriend a dork, like mate come on you’re surely old enough to think up a better insult, oh yeah I forgot the Vodka you consumed over the years has messed up your brain cells. He then blocked me.

So moral of the story becareful who you put your trust and loyalty into, and becareful of a fake friendly smile. If you keep falling out with them, chuck the rubbish in the bin

Rant over-The Anxious Mess.



Just A Small Town Girl

“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” — Stephen King